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RJ Myers has been developing relationships in the legislative process for more than 10 years. After graduating Southeastern University with a degree in Public Relations and Journalism, he began working on various campaigns around the state of Florida and moved on to couple that work in legislative and governmental affairs. RJ’s diverse experience has made him knowledgeable in the areas of: transportation, energy, technology, mental health, criminal justice, and healthcare.

RJ’s cyclical campaign work over the past 10 years has left him a veteran, winning over 2 dozen campaigns. This work enabled him to form meaningful relationships with elected officials and their staff around the state.

RJ began his legislative work in the Executive Branch, working at the Agency for Workforce Innovation, during the great recession, where unemployment then was at its highest.

After his time at the Agency for Workforce Innovation, he started his work in the House of Representative’s as a Legislative Aide. Working for a Legislator who served as chair of the Energy & Public Utilities Committee, and additionally serving on Judiciary, Transportation Appropriations, and the Government Operations & Technology Appropriation Subcommittee, he gained a deep understanding of the policies and the budgets in these areas.

For the better part of a decade, RJ worked closely with cities and counties, coming to develop a strong understanding of the needs of local government, of their budget, and daily operations.

RJ resides in St. Petersburg.

RJ Myers

Government Consultant

cell: 850.933.0883

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